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Why You Should Move to Northeast Indiana

In Northeast Indiana, we are a place for big ideas and bold intentions. A place for finding what you need and going after what you want. A place where invention fuels innovation, where passion drives pursuits, and where success is part of every story.

How will living in Northeast Indiana benefit you? Here are just a few ways why you should move to Northeast Indiana or Fort Wayne:

We’re embracing and celebrating our proven ability to provide challenging professional opportunities and an incredible quality of life to match.

Northeast Indiana has the job you're looking for. Are you ready to join our workforce?

Buying and Renting Around Fort Wayne.

Northeast Indiana is a region that benefits from big-city assets, including a revitalized urban core with access to the arts and historic venues, sports teams, and new restaurants, all at a small-town price and with an easy commute.

Our cost of living is lower than the national average. If you want to take advantage of the affordable housing and rental market in the region, take a look at the links below to find your new home.

From outdoor activities to cultural diversity, peace and quiet to rock and roll, Northeast Indiana has the assets you need to write the next chapter—a better chapter—of your story.

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