Frequently Asked Questions

In Northeast Indiana, we are serious about preserving our rich heritage and legacy, without losing sight of what’s next. We are building a region that’s bigger and bolder, and this cannot be done without the Vision 2020 initiative.

If you have questions about Vision 2020, check out the FAQs below. 

What is Vision 2020?

In 2010, the Regional Partnership launched the Vision 2020 initiative to bring the region together around five key areas (pillars) for economic growth: 21st Century Talent, Competitive Business Climate, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, and Quality of Life. Vision 2020 is a key strategy as we work to build a globally competitive region and to support our mission to increase business investment.

Why was Vision 2020 created?

The Regional Partnership started as a marketing organization with the goal of marketing Northeast Indiana to attract new businesses. We soon realized that was a tough sell. We needed more product, and that’s exactly why Vision 2020 was created. Vision 2020 is a key strategy as we work to build a globally competitive region and to support our mission to increase business investment.

How will Vision 2020 help the region economically?

Since the Regional Partnership started in 2006, a lot has changed. Our region’s Vision 2020 initiative focused on reversing the downward trend of per capita income in our region. For the first time in 15 years, we have reversed that trend. The increase in per capita income from 2009 to 2014 means an additional $5 billion in personal income circulating in Northeast Indiana’s economy. That’s the impact of working together with a united voice and a common goal. That’s the power of collaboration. 

Who is involved in the Vision 2020 initiative?

All of this is accomplished through the work of the Regional Partnership staff, Vision 2020 funders, the Regional Opportunities Council (ROC), the investor board for the Regional Partnership, and other community partners who support the top priorities of the region

What are the five pillars of Vision 2020?

21st Century Talent

This pillar focuses on workforce skills for a knowledge-based economy, an excellent education system, workforce retraining, a strong regional work ethic, and collaboration among businesses and educational institutions.


Competitive Business Climate

This pillar encompasses globally competitive industry clusters, a diversified economy with a strong manufacturing base, a business-friendly tax and regulatory climate, and a strong regional brand.



Our third pillar’s focus is on access to venture capital; a strong regional innovation center; formalized entrepreneurship training opportunities; and support services, including research, product development, and marketing.



The infrastructure pillar zeroes in on regional planning that connects land use, transportation, and infrastructure investments. It also includes affordable energy, enhanced freight, public transit, increased shovel-ready development sites, and expanded broadband service.


Quality of Life

Our final pillar embraces vibrant downtowns, the unique character of communities in the region, the  stewardship of natural resources, enhanced arts and culture, and development.


What happens when a Vision priority is achieved?

Northeast Indiana’s Vision 2020 priorities focus on long-term, progressive, and innovative opportunities for positive economic and community growth. The more challenging and impactful, the better, and we’ve committed to seeing these priorities through. When the Regional Opportunities Council (ROC) feels the region has achieved the vision of the established priority, the priority is then retired so we can work on the next one. Here is a look at our retired priorities.