NEI Welcomes Eileen Alberding and Jackson Long to the Business Development Team

Restaffing can be both exciting and challenging for organizations. While it provides an opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, it also requires significant effort and resources to ensure a smooth transition. Today, our business development team looks a little different – but thanks to the individuals who were here prior and the procedures put in […]

Business Attraction Predicts a Record Year

Our Business Development team is dedicated to achieving our organizational goals and growing opportunities for our 11-county region to win business investment. We measure our success through a set of key performance indicators (KPIs), which include, but are not limited to: Business Contacts | Any direct contact made by the NEI Staff to a c-suite executive […]

NEI Continuing to Strengthen Economic Resiliency in 2023


Happy New Year, friends of NEI! It’s been a little over a year since my family and I made the move to Northeast Indiana. It’s been a year full of change, transition, challenges, new initiatives, hefty goals, and, most of all, assurance that I made the right choice in making NEI my family’s new home. […]

Selling Northeast Indiana Coast-to-Coast

One of my favorite movies is an award-winning movie from 1994, Forrest Gump. In my favorite scene, Forrest steps off his porch and decides to “go for a little run.” He gets to the end of the road and decides he will run to the end of town. After he makes it to the end of […]


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