$1.6M in funding arrives for plaza project in Warsaw

January 23rd, 2019

By Dan Spalding | Times-Union

One of the most anticipated city projects – in the works for nearly four years – is gearing up.

While road and utility construction for the Buffalo Street project began last year, work on the second phase involving the park plaza along Center Lake – and coinciding with a housing and mixed-use private development are expected to get under way this year.

On Friday, officials took possession of a $1.6 million check from the Regional Cities Program the city applied for and received approval for nearly three years ago.

City officials celebrated with a ceremonial photo Friday during the board of works and safety meeting.

The money from the Regional Development Authority is in conjunction with the Regional Cities Project, which awarded $42 million to communities in  the northeast region for local projects.

The money is geared toward quality of life projects ranging from economic development and job creation to improved recreational and arts opportunities.

Mayor Joe Thallemer picked up the $1.6 million check while attending a Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership meeting in Fort Wayner earlier in the week.

Design of the plaza is underway. Bids for the work will be received this spring and construction is tentatively planned for this summer.

Matthews LLC, of South Bend, will develop the housing and mixed-use project.