Albion council OKs Busche abatement for about $5 million in equipment

July 28th, 2016

By Matt Getts | Indiana Economic Digest 

ALBION — Ford Motor Co. has awarded a huge chunk of business to Busche Enterprises.

The Albion Town Council on Tuesday approved a tax abatement that’s expected to help bring 21 new jobs to Busche Enterprises as a result.

The five-year abatement is for approximately $5 million in equipment to be installed at its Plant 8, the old Citation factory located at 1612 Progress Drive.

According to Town Manager Stefen Wynn, Busche Enterprises estimates that the machines will require an additional 21 employees to run them, while also helping to retain 37 employees.

According to Busche Enterprises general manager Jim Stewart, the seven computer numerical control machines and additional equipment became necessary when the company landed its first Tier 1 supplier contract with Ford.

This fall, Busche Enterprises will begin a $60 million annual contract to design and produce aluminum control-arm assemblies for the Ford Edge.

According to Cory Ryner, vice president of engineering and business development for Busche Enterprises, the 12-pound aluminum control arms are a part on the chassis that allows the vehicle’s suspension to move up and down when passing over potholes and the like.

The arms are being designed and tested in Busche Enterprises’ new technical center located in Southfield, Michigan. They will be machined and assembled in Albion.

According to Ryner, the contract with Ford calls for the production of 800,000 control-arm assemblies per year.

The Tier 1 designation means Busche Enterprises is responsible for design, testing and production.

“We now have the ownership of the product from cradle to grave,” Ryner said. “It’s a big step in the supply chain.”

Busche Enterprises is also a Tier 1 supplier for Honda.

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