Auburn Essential Services upgrading, expanding in Garrett

January 18th, 2019

By Dave Kurtz | KPC Media - The Star

The year ahead will be a busy one for Auburn Essential Services, the Auburn Common Council heard this week.

It will include the start of residential service in Garrett and updated equipment for Auburn home customers, said Chris Schweitzer, manager of the city-owned broadband utility.

This year will be “a significant time of investment in growth in our system for our subscribers,” Schweitzer said.

Auburn Essential Services offers internet, phone and video services for home and business customers.

“We’re deploying a brand-new video system starting this year that will kind of revolutionize … the way people watch TV today,” Schweitzer said in his annual report to the council.

The utility will spend approximately $750,000 to upgrade its distribution network in a “massive undertaking” lasting 2-3 years, Schweitzer said. He expects to start deployment of improved in-home equipment with new customers before continuing with existing subscribers.

“We’re going to be offering some new products, as well, based on this network that we’re deploying,” he said.

Customers have been asking for managed wireless service, and that will be offered as a subscriber choice, he said.

“The latest and greatest in terms of wireless technology” will become available, he said.

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