Baril Coatings receives BZA variance

April 25th, 2019

By Ashlee Hoos | KPC Media - The Herald Republican

Baril Coatings received approval Monday from the Angola Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance needed to construct an industrial warehouse and truck dock on its current building.

The variance is for the minimum side yard setback at the property at 401 Growth Parkway. Development standards require 20 feet for primary and accessory structures.

The area is zoned moderate intensity industrial, I2.

Baril’s request is for 16 feet, 11 inches off the lot line, which is a three-foot, one-inch variance.

“We’ve outgrown our current facility,” said Dave Harmon of Baril Coatings. “The new facility will be used for a warehouse and shipping.”

The staff report provided by the city planning department and its director, Vivian Likes, said the area proposed for the addition, which is the west side of the current building, is the only area in which Baril Coatings can grow at its current site.

The loading dock addition will be approximately 28-by-122-by-18 and the warehouse addition will be approximately 95-180-20.

On the economic development side of things, Baril proposes a $1.4 million investment that will create approximately five new jobs that pay $21 per hour.

The area, said the staff report, has seen more than $25 million in growth and industrial expansions in the last eight years.

Harmon said the company began in 1976 with his father was manufacturing coatings in their barn on the farm.

The move to Angola took place in the late-1980s. A decade ago, they joined with a Dutch company named Baril and built up a global brand that now sells in 14 countries with offices in Boston, Utah and Denver, Colorado, though Angola remains the manufacturing hub.

Likes said a tax abatement request for the project has been received and will go before the Angola Common Council on May 6.

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