Butler saw $6.8 million in growth in 2018

January 11th, 2019

By Jeff Jones | KPC Media - The Star

A number of projects resulted in nearly $7 million in growth for Butler during 2018, according to a report submitted by City Planner Steve Bingham.

Leading the way was the only public project for the year, a new bus maintenance facility for the DeKalb Eastern school district at $4.5 million.

In Butler, 49 improvement location or fence permits were issued last year for private projects. The total construction value of those projects was just over $1.8 million, according to Bingham’s report.

Three new houses were built in 2018, and a permit for one Type I manufactured housing unit was issued. The total value for dwelling units was $519,569, Bingham said. Two of the new houses are on Independence Street, and another is on West Liberty. The manufactured housing unit is on South Ash Street.

Since 2014, Bingham said, 19 new dwelling units have been constructed or placed in Butler, with a total value of just over $2.6 million.

Janus International at 600 W. Main St. was issued an $800,000 permit to expand its manufacturing facility last year.

Since 2014, there have been five permits for industrial expansion, totaling just over $3 million, Bingham said.

Three permits — totaling $268,000 — were issued for commercial renovation projects in 2018. The predominant project, according to Bingham’s report, was the renovation and Americans with Disabilities Act updates to the McDonald’s restaurant at 533 W. Main St.

In the past five years, all construction activity — stemming from public and private projects — totaled $19,514,233, Bingham said.

Butler’s Redevelopment Commission completed a three-year project to demolish storefronts at 108, 110, 114, 118 and 124 South Broadway. Demolition began in August and was finished by Oct. 1. The Redevelopment Commission will pursue redevelopment of the area this year, Bingham wrote.

Fire-damaged storefronts at 123 and 127 South Broadway were demolished by their owners following a Jan. 30 fire.

Two dwelling units — 300 E. Main St. and 237 Depot St. — were demolished by city-hired work crews as a result of Butler’s unsafe building enforcement actions, Bingham said. The former greenhouse at 313 W. Green St. was demolished by the property owner.

Two amendments were made to Butler’s zoning map in the past year.

One amendment changed several residential uses from commercial designations to residential designations. That area is bordered by South Broadway, East Main, South Pearl and East Oak streets.

The other amendment changed the zoning designation for several City-of-Butler-owned properties from commercial to institutional zoning.

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