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March 14th, 2012

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March 14, 2012

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Fort Wayne, Ind. – Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) today announced that its Enterprise Health solution has been selected by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) for its onsite employee health clinic. The MIE systems will be deployed at the Livermore, CA location.

In addition to providing its electronic health record functionality, Enterprise Health will integrate with several internal systems, enabling LLNL employees to interact with the clinic to schedule appointments, share medical information securely and participate in their wellness programs. Medical information documented during a clinical encounter also can be sent to the employee’s secure personal health record (NoMoreClipboard) in the event they need to have it available for use outside of the LLNL facilities.

"As part of the LLNL health team, I am pleased that we will be able improve the quality of care we provide to our employees and operate more efficiently by automating several manual processes and integrating our legacy systems with Enterprise Health. Our medical staff will have full and easy access to all of the clinical information they need, and our employees will be able to communicate with the clinic online through the corporate network," said James Seward, MD, Medical Director for LLNL.

“We are very happy that LLNL has selected MIE as their provider for clinical and occupational medicine systems that will help improve the health and wellness of its employees. LLNL is known as one of the most innovative research facilities in the world, we are very pleased that LLNL chose our secure, patient-centered healthcare IT solutions,” said MIE’s CEO Bruce Lisanti.

About MIE:

The MIE Enterprise Health Solutions are used by corporations worldwide that operate on-site employee health clinics. The web-based suite of products integrates clinical, occupational health, employee engagement and document management modules tailored for the specific needs of each client. MIE’s products are currently deployed in 19 countries and 6 languages, including Mandarin Chinese and Spanish with over 2,500 clients, including specialty and group medical practices that value MIE’s web-based flexibility, and cost effective benefits. More information can be found at and

Source: MIE Enterprise Health Solutions

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