Code of ethics to guide northeast Indiana economic development

April 18th, 2018

By Kevin Leininger | News-Sentinel

Elected and economic development officials from 11 northeast Indiana counties are expected to sign a code of ethics Wednesday committing them to following “principles of behavior and standards of conduct to guide efforts in promoting the long-term economic health” of the region.

Under the umbrella of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, the code commits participants to respect confidentiality when dealing with business prospects and other economic development groups, and prohibits one local economic development organization from knowingly soliciting the prospects of another.

In a statement, the regional partnership said that because it “brings together the interests of a broad range of private and public groups . . . (this) requires that certain standards of conduct must be developed and adhered to for the Regional Partnership to meet its goals of generating new business leads, developing competitive product, and cultivating effective regional leadership for Northeast Indiana.”

“In northeast Indiana, you’ll find an emphasis on regional collaboration and trust. By adhering to these values, rooted in our Code of Ethics, we provide outstanding business support and grow our region — together,” John Sampson, president and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, said in a statement.

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