Cruise shows fun, love of cars

September 21st, 2016

By Jennifer Decker | KPC Media 

ANGOLA — Based on the large, fun-loving crowd at Wednesday’s Cruise to the Monument — Angola loves it cars and people that make them go.

The Cruise was held downtown as cars and vendors lined both sides of streets in and around Public Square.

There were hot rods, motorcycles, convertibles and trucks that drew families and couples dreaming big and, for some, remembering cars they grew up with.

One Angola family, Jeff, Jessica, Max and Zoe Gerard decided to check out the Cruise riding their bikes. The family attended last year, liked it so much, they returned to check things out. Jeff and Jessica said they appreciated the city holding the event.

Larry and Arlena Leland, Angola, strolled taking in the cars and people.

“We were here last year. We come every year,” Larry said. His favorite car? A 1967 Mustang.

“I’d love to have that ’58 Corvette,” Arlena said, pointing out the classic American sports car.

Around the block, Ken Prough, Bronson, Michigan, showed his Renegade Ecstasy trike off that looks like a cross between the “The Munsters” TV-show car and an Evel Knievel chopper. It seats five, with a rumble seat.

“I wish I was that talented,” Prough chuckled, when asked if he built the vehicle that’s licensed as a motorcycle. He’s even pulled a camping trailer with it.

In the southeast Public Square quadrant, Randy Ehrman, Lime Lake, was having a good time showing off his orange-colored 1971 Volkswagen dune buggy. It even has a matching surfboard his brother got him. It’s easy to tell Ehrman was having fun.

“I took a Volkswagen chassis and shortened it. It’s a work in progress and have the interior to do,” Ehrman said. “My brother-in-law told me for every smile, kid, it’s worth $100.”

The Cruise also brought the second Flip Your Seat Auction. Theater seats were donated by The Brokaw Movie House and decorated by community organizations and businesses. Proceeds went to Christmas decorations for the downtown.

“We can sit and enjoy the Monument without trucks,” Angola Mayor Dick Hickman said. “These seats have a lot of memories from the theater.”

Roger Ford once again volunteered his auctioneer services.

Hickman toyed with the crowd by sitting and demonstrating how one could use the city of Angola seat that was themed for water skiing to laughs from the crowd.

The highest winning bid was $1,300 for a Diggin’ and Dozin’ chair purchased by Bill’s Towing.

A penny-themed decorated chair by Jim Ingledue Construction won the Mayor’s Award. It garnered $600 from In Balance Accounting. Upon the winning bid, Ken Wilson, JICI president, rushed over and shook owner Jody Porter’s hand.

“You can come sit in it anytime,” she quipped, adding it fits their new office theme perfectly.