DeKalb Health Begins Expansion

May 15th, 2014

News Coverage:

May 15, 2014

News Release

AUBURN, Ind. - We are proud to announce that the DeKalb Health board of directors has unanimously approved a major services reorganziation and renovation plan for our facility. This move is expected to significantly expand our outpatient services and care-provider partnerships and make related services more efficient.

The renovation will cover approximately 30,000 square feet of space on the north side of the DeKalb Health campus, including an addition of more than 5,600 square feet of space to the buildings footprint. The renovation will create dedicated space and amenities for an expansion of our growing therapy and business health services, as well as house an enhanced presence on-site for Fort Wayne Orthopedics. In addition, by organizing and more closely aligning often interrelated services like orthopedics, therapy and business health, the space can be more efficiently utilized, keeping operating costs down.

"An important question before us and the board has been, 'How can we best utilize the North Campus to expand service lines and consistently improve on our quality of care?'" said Fred Price, CEO of DeKalb Health. "With the support of the board and the DeKalb Health Foundation, we believe this plan is the best, most comprehensive answer to that question. This renovation will give us the very best utilization of this space, enable us to grow our innovative partnerships, help us address expected growth in outpatient visits and services, and, most importantly, keep us local and independent - which, in turn, keeps us focused on quality of care delivered by an engaged, experienced and compassionate staff."

Construction work on the renovation is scheduled to begin in mid-April and estimated to be completed in summer of 2015. Our partners for the project are Fetters Construction, Inc. and Design Collaborative. The renovated space will have 11,127 square feet dedicated to new physical therapy services; 3,330 square feet to house DeKalb Business Health, more than tripling its current footprint; and 5,500 square feet for Fort Wayne Orthopedics, which will help us better serve the growing orthopedic needs in our community.

DeKalb Health estimates the cost of the project at a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) of $6.7 million. Funding for the renovation is being led by a $1 million donation from the DeKalb Health Foundation. By renovating existing space instead of constructing new facilities, we expect to maximize our cost per square foot, making this the most cost-effective solution for these key service expansions. In addition, the renovation enables us to strengthen partnerships and services though orthopedics, rehabilitation and occupational health while remaining the only independent acute-care hospital in northeast Indiana.

"This important expansion and renovation would not be possible without the support of our Foundation partners," Price added. "For 50 years, this hospital has grown and expanded to keep pace with the needs of our community. We have a strong commitment to ensuring that it is a viable and valuable resource for the future, and we are fortunate to have the DeKalb Health Foundation share in that commitment and help make this renovation possible."

Source: DeKalb Health