Fort Wayne Airport announces major 2018 changes

January 8th, 2018

By Kaitor Kposowa | WANE

New Year Resolutions are all the talk right now and the Fort Wayne International Airport has a few of their own. This year is the start of some major FWA changes that will run through the 2020’s.

In 2018, they’re making nearly $10 million in improvement.

First up, a new entrance road to the airport. The $3.3 million road will give way for more curb front, more meeters and greeters, better signage and lighting and additional parking.

Airport Executive Director Scott Hinderman says this is just the beginning.

“It’s really the phase one of an overall project,” he said. “We have had eight years of growth of employment here at the airport so we continue to grow with Fort Wayne. More people are travelling. The economy is great.”

2018 will also bring a new $1.5 million plane hanger and $5 million renovated runway.

Additionally, they’re making a big marketing push to promote their airport’s newest trip: non-stop flights to New York City. The flight is not getting as many passengers as they need and they’re in danger of losing it.

“The airport works hard to make sure that all of our routes are viable for the airlines,” Hinderman said. “We have a great partnership with the airlines. We want to make sure they are profitable doing business here in Fort Wayne. New York is a great place. It’s a great route for the business traveler and it’s a great place to visit for fun.”

Hinderman says the the sky is truly the limit in the upcoming years.

Plans are in the work to add one or two more gates to the terminal and more TSA security lanes. They will also move their Aviation Museum from the secure side of the airport to the non-secure side.

There’s even serious talks to build a hotel by the airport.

“Our growth is exciting because of the economy,” Hinderman continued. “Fort Wayne’s growing and we are making sure that we take advantage of, or better yet, make sure we are in a position to accept the growth in our region.”

The first phase of the FWA improvements – The new entrance road – is expected to begin next month and be complete by the end of the year.