Fort Wayne City Council approves millions for tunnel project and road improvements

April 28th, 2017


City Council members unanimously approved two proposals to help continue development throughout the city.

The 187 million dollar tunnel project will reduce the amount of combined sewage that overflows into the city’s rivers by 90 percent or 900-million gallons a year. The tunnel will be five miles long and 200 feet underground.

Construction could start by the end of spring or early this summer. The entire tunnel project, which is said to be a benefit for generations to come, is set to wrap up in 2021.

Council also approved multiple proposals for more than $24 million in road construction projects around the city. 

This includes realigning State Boulevard between Cass Street and Spy Run, adding additional lanes to Lima and Coldwater Roads, and concrete reconstruction on Coldwater and Memorial Way.

Majority of that construction would take place in the 3rd district where Councilman Tom Didier presides. According to Didier, some of the roads haven’t been worked on in more than 20 years.

Didier said he he understands the construction may be frustrating for drivers but it is necessary. Didier has been working to ensure that the construction is planned strategically to avoid several major roads being backed up. He is also encouraging his constituents to re-evaluate their route to work.

“I want constituents to really take a look at what time they’re leaving for work and take a look at what route they’re taking,” he said. “Because this is a situation where we can’t do same repetitious routes that we normally would do.”

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