Fort Wayne planning floating concerts, floatilla to open riverfront park

February 26th, 2019

By Chris Darby | WANE

A three-day grand opening celebration will mark the completion of Promenade Park, along Fort Wayne's riverfront.

During his annual State of the City address, Mayor Tom Henry set the date for the ribbon cutting ceremony as Friday, June 21.

WANE 15 is proud to be partnering with the city to mark the community milestone and on Wednesday revealed highlights for each day of the grand opening weekend.

Friday, June 21 - Arts and Culture

A floating barge on the river will serve as a state for a live concert after the ribbon cutting ceremony

Saturday, June 22 - Recreation

The day focuses on recreational activities the communty can enjoy on the water and along the riverfront. It will be capped off with a floatilla, or, light-up boat parade.

Sunday, June 23 - Nature

The natural importance of Fort Wayne's rivers and the riverbanks will be the focus of the day. It will be highlighted with a butterfly release.

While there is a main highlight each day, the weekend will be an on-going celebration with all in the communtiy invited to explore and enjoy the park. 

"We want everyone down there," Megan Butler from Riverfront Fort Wayne told WANE 15 News. "It's everyone's park. The rivers are everyone's rivers and this grand opening is for everyone. We're working with a ton of different community groups to collaberate in our programming for the event, so that we can really make sure that we're not just inviting everyone, but including everyone in the entire process."

A visit to the construction site Wednesday found workers bundled up, braving the cold to continue building the park. 

Finishing touches are being put on the Park Foundation Pavillion, which is now illuminated at night. The base pieces of the Parkview Tree Canopy Trail have been put in place. Installation of the path is set to follow the completion of the foundation.

Crews continued working on concrete foundations and features around the park. That work will eventually lead to landscaping as the temperatures rise into the spring.

"It's only four months away and that sometimes can sound like a long time, but I'm counting down every night trying to fall asleep to the grand opening," Butler added. "It will be here sooner than we know it. It will be a great way to kick off the summer and just have great fun on our rivers."

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