GFW Inc. invests private money towards study on municipal financing

September 18th, 2017

By Sara Schaefer | WANE

Supporting local business and attracting new business is a large part of growing Fort Wayne and Allen County. Finding ways to improve the community’s jobs and the economy has long been a central focus of local government.

Companies like Greater Fort Wayne are also making strides to build-up the city. Saturday the President and C-E-O of Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Eric Doden joined the show to talk about all the development and findings of a new study.

GFW focuses on supporting local business, attracting new business and improving our community’s quality of place to grow jobs, wages and the economy.

When more companies locate jobs in the community, more opportunity exists for all of Fort Wayne.

Recently GFW Inc. invested private money towards a study conducted by experts in municipal financing. Their findings were impressive, confirming Fort Wayne’s demonstration of strong fiscal management. In addition, the study recommended adoption of three key best practices: generational equity, consolidated TIF districts and properly balancing cash flow with debt.

In addition to the downtown core, neighborhoods are crucial to the development of the community. Looking at communities across the country that have invested in their downtowns, GFW has seen that neighborhoods win when downtowns win. The growth in the downtown core has a ripple effect on the community that benefits neighborhoods significantly, including private investment in neighborhoods as a result of downtown growth.

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