Hoosier Pattern adding new equipment

June 5th, 2013

News Coverage:

Hoosier Pattern still moving ahead

Tax abatement is sought on $1.7M piece of key equipment


Hoosier Pattern, a Decatur business Mayor John Schultz called “a core” of local economic development, is continuing to move rapidly forward, it was learned at Tuesday night’s Decatur City Council meeting.

Attorney Jeremy Brown, representing the N. 10th St. metal pattern maker, and owner-operator Keith Gerber were on hand at the meeting to request a tax abatement on a $1.7 million piece of equipment that Hoosier Pattern will be installing in the weeks ahead.

After hearing Brown and Gerber, council was eager to grant the abatement and so it began the process by approving a declaratory resolution.

Hoosier Pattern is laying out $1.747 million for what was called a 3-D printer. It’s due to arrive in July from Germany and, hopefully, will be up and running by early August, Gerber said.

In requesting the abatement, Brown said the company currently has 28 employees and is likely will add two more full-time and one part-time employees with the addition of the new equipment. “That’s a conservative estimate,” Brown said. “He (Gerber) would love to add more but doesn’t want to mislead anyone (as to how many new jobs will be created).”

It will help the firm remain competitive and assure the current 28 jobs continue, he added.

Making the purchase, Brown said, “shows Keith’s commitment to the community.”

Gerber gave an impressive demonstration of how the equipment works. At one point he said, “We’re going after aerospace, we’re going after NASA. With this, the potential is endless.”

“When you’re talking about economic development, it’s businesses like your’s that is the core,” the mayor told Gerber.

Although Brown and Gerber didn’t designate a particular length of years in their request, the mayor and council quickly agreed the number should be 10 years.

Then the declaratory resolution, the required first step in the process, was approved. At the June 18 council meeting, a public hearing will be held and in all likelihood a confirming resolution will be adopted, setting up the tax abatement.

Four Hoosier Pattern employees attended the meeting.