Huntington Adding History Degrees

March 25th, 2016

News Coverage:

March 24, 2016

Huntington Adding History Degrees

Alex Brown


Huntington University is adding a new major and minor to its history department. The international and development studies major and refugee studies minor will be offered beginning this fall.

The university says the international and development studies is an interdisciplinary major enabling students to develop transferable skills, such as critical analysis, problem solving, cultural awareness and lateral thinking. The refugee studies minor aims to address a growing interdisciplinary field by combining political science, development studies, international relations, human geography, peace studies and sociology, among others.

"In the past, academia has been too content to study such topics within traditional departmental silos," said Tim Smith, professor of non-western history. "However, there is a growing international trend for critical analysis of such topics within interdisciplinary programs. This reflects the nature of the many complex multi-layered paradigms that challenge contemporary society."

Along with the new major and minor, the university will offer a new course in political science, called Development and Sustainability.