Huntington ISTEP results show growth over 2011

July 11th, 2012

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ISTEP results show growth over 2011

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 3:23 pm


This year’s ISTEP results are in, and Huntington County students fared better than they did with last year’s scores, with a total of 83 percent of students proficient in English and 82 percent proficient in math for their respective grade levels.

Students in grades three through eight took the statewide standardized exam earlier this year.

The school corporation had a 1.1 percent increase in English scores, from 81.9 percent with 2011’s exams. Math scores increased from 81.5 in 2011. The increased scores are part of an upward trend statewide.

Kevin Patrick, president of the Huntington County Community School Board of Trustees, said HCCSC students performed consistently above state standards for the exam.

“Huntington County continued with positive growth,” he said. “We’re continuing to see Huntington Schools see improvement and growth, which is exactly what our expectations have been.”

Patrick said a refocusing on the elementary school curriculum has been part of the reason for the growth.

“Several years ago, we began on this path of looking at our elementary curriculum and trying to make sure we’re consistent no matter what building they’re in, and I think we’re starting to see some of the fruits of the efforts teachers have put in place,” he said.

Patrick said the teachers’ efforts were crucial in regards to the increase in scores.

“I have to give credit to the teachers for the job that they’re continuing to do, which is outstanding, in the classroom,” he said.

Students in Huntington County consistently performed at or above state level, Patrick said, with students widening the gap between Huntington County scores and state averages as they advance.

“Third and fourth grade, we are right about the state average, but as the kids move up into higher classes … we get a lot better than the state,” he said. “It’s extremely encouraging to me as we look at what our expectations are as they enter high school.”

Patrick said he is “ecstatic” at the improvement of the scores, and credits the work of HCCSC superintendent Tracy Shafer, who helps with the school corporation’s elementary curriculum.

School board secretary Rex Baxter said he has been happy with the overall improvement of the ISTEP scores over the years.

“We’ve been growing every year,” he said. “I was pretty confident … our teachers do a wonderful job, they really do.”