Indiana Tech Announces ‘Fast Track’ Degrees

November 13th, 2013

News Coverage:

November 13, 2013

News Release

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Indiana Tech today announced new degree programs that will allow qualifying students to earn select bachelor's degrees in three years and add a master's in an additional year. The Three to Degree program will offer students the ability to earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Management.

Four to More will provide students in either program the option to continue on and earn a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Management. Accounting students who go on to the graduate program will be able to position themselves for the additional benefit of sitting for the CPA exam at the conclusion of their fourth year.

The Three to Degree and Four to More programs will be available to undergraduate students enrolling at Indiana Tech's main campus in Fort Wayne starting in the fall of 2014. Unique features of Three to Degree and Four to More include:

-Each is a true 3-year and 3+1-year program. Students will have a pathway to complete their bachelor's over the course of six semesters and master's in eight semesters.

-Unlike similar programs at other universities, students are not required to enter with college credits already on their transcripts.

-Students will save at least 25 percent on their college costs by completing their degrees faster under the new fast track programs. They also will benefit financially by being able to start their career earnings sooner. In-demand degrees such as accounting are currently seeing an average starting salary near $50,000 per year.

-The programs reflect Indiana Tech's emphasis on career preparation, with course credits available through approved summer internships in addition to classroom study.

-Accounting students will gain the additional advantage of being in position to complete graduate studies and sit for their CPA exam at the end of four years. Typically, this would not happen until year six of their studies.

Students taking part must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to continue in each program.

In addition to the initial College of Business programs, degrees from Indiana Tech's College of General Studies and College of Engineering and Computer Sciences are currently being reviewed for inclusion in the Three to Degree program.

Dr. Douglas Clark, Indiana Tech vice president for academic affairs, commented: "Indiana Tech is committed to providing high-quality, career-relevant education to our students. Three to Degree and Four to More allow us to do even more to fulfill this promise. Motivated students will earn their degrees sooner and save substantially on college costs. Perhaps more importantly, they'll do it with a course of study that truly prepares them for the world of work in their chosen field."

Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman, dean of Indiana Tech's College of Business, noted: "Thanks to the efforts of our faculty and staff, our business programs are among the best in the region when it comes to quality and true preparation for career success. To be able to offer students this same degree of academic rigor and relevance in the Three to Degree and Four to More programs is tremendously exciting."

For more information on the Three to Degree and Four to More programs, including course listings and how to apply, please visit or call the Indiana Tech admissions office at 800.937.2448, ext. 3103

Source: Indiana Tech