LaGrange Products Inc. Adding Jobs

June 18th, 2013

News Coverage:

June 18, 2013

News Release

Fremont, Ind. -- The original founders, Ralph Blue, Lloyd Junker and Charles Sparks, brought LaGrange Products to Fremont, Indiana 50 years ago. Lynn Blue, President of LaGrange Products, Inc. has been with the company since then. It seems the small town and family owned business worked well together. The company has been before the Fremont Town Council seeking support for their growth each of the past three years, adding six new employees in 2011, another six in 2012 and now a commitment to create 15 new jobs in 2013/14. Those 15 new employees will join the companys existing 102 employees as the company continues to do what they do, only better.

Lynn Blue's sons, Mark Blue who serves as Plant Manager and Ryan Blue who serves as Purchasing & Maintenance Manager, jobs just got a whole lot bigger. LaGrange Products, a manufacturer of specialized pressurized tanks and containers, acquired an existing building just down the road from their existing 62,000 sq. ft. home. "We're not planning for a big project that's going to double our employment. We bought this building because it's going to allow us to be better at what we do", according to Mark. "We'll have more capacity and we’ll have the ability to do bigger jobs than we can currently."

The former Salga building at 601 West Water Street in Fremont was built in 1980 and is about 64,000 sq. ft. “It's a nice building but it's sat empty for five years. The Town is very happy that LaGrange Products is expanding into this building. They’re a good corporate citizen.” stated Chris Snyder, Fremont Town Manager. LaGrange Products has jumped in and cleaned the building up and they are in the process of equipping the building for their future use. "It's a slow process but when they get done, it will be exactly what they need to continue to grow." added Snyder.

Last year, LaGrange Products celebrated 50 years in operation. This year they’re recognizing the fact that they relocated to Fremont in 1963. The family-owned business has slowly and steadily improved their processes, grown their capacity and has elevated to one of just a few tank and container manufacturers that possess the technical capability to meet complex customized design and manufacturing requirements.

"LaGrange Products is what manufacturing is about in Indiana. Lynn Blue has built this company by doing what others couldn't.", stated David Koenig, executive director for the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation. Adding, "I'm pretty sure they’re going to be here in another 50 years."

Source: Steuben County Economic Development Corp.