Linder Oil Company Inc. Expanding in Ossian

May 19th, 2014

News Coverage:

May 19, 2014

News Release

Ossian, Ind. -- Linder Oil Company, Inc., along with Wells County Economic Development, announced today in Ossian, IN an expansion that will increase the companys ability to serve customers nation-wide and provide future opportunities for company growth. Linder Oil Company will be investing more than $350,000 to design and install a new rail spur that connects to the Norfolk & Southern line which serves the Ossian Industrial Park. The purpose for this spur is to allow Linder Oil Company to import, mix, and export bulk shipments of blended oils designed specifically for the needs of their clients. The company has announced this is primarily to retain the existing jobs at the facility, with the potential to add additional jobs as their business expands with the added capabilities. Linder Oil Company develops customized oil blends for a wide variety of commercial applications.

The Wells County Commissioners and the Town of Ossian will partner with Linder Oil Company to install a connection to the Linder Oil line which will provide rail access to the balance of the 110 acres of industrial park property surrounding the Linder Oil business. Working closely with Norfolk & Southern, the Commissioners, the Town, and Linder Oil, Wells Economic Development developed a plan that provided the dual-purpose of helping the local company achieve much-needed rail access while providing rail access for future industrial park businesses. The total outlay by the Commissioners and the Town of Ossian will not exceed $37,000 from the two organization’s CEDIT revenues. Construction is expected to take place this summer.

"A partnership between a locally owned business, the County Commissioners, and the Town of Ossian that allows industry to grow is a great example of how economic development takes place in Wells County," Wells County Economic Development Director Tim Ehlerding stated, "and this partnership assures future industries to call Wells County home will have rail access when needed."

Source: Wells County Economic Development