Lippert Components study highlights 3D printing benefits

July 28th, 2017

By Dan McGowan | Inside INdiana Business

A major Hoosier manufacturer has released a study that suggests use of a type of 3D printing could "revolutionize the whole metal casting industry." Elkhart-based Lippert Components Inc. (NYSE: LCII) says the research focused on the feasibility of integrating binder jet additive manufacturing technology, compared into more traditional methods.

The study says using the technology in conjunction with sand foundries could be beneficial "with future work on integrating this technology into foundries and making it more affordable." LCI Business Systems Analyst Chitralekha Beniwal collaborated with Paul Lynch of Penn State University and Joseph Wilck of the College of William & Mary on the research. It was unveiled recently at the 2017 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering conference.

You can connect to the full study by clicking here.

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