Local artists paint crosswalk murals in downtown Fort Wayne

June 7th, 2016

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June 6, 2016

Local artists paint crosswalk murals in downtown Fort Wayne

Kayla Crandall | WPTA

Some local volunteer artists are hoping to make your daily commute a little more colorful.

On the downtown arts campus, artists are painting the crosswalks to add vibrancy to Fort Wayne for both you and visitors.

If the movement gains enough momentum, certain areas and neighborhoods will have their own unique identity.

"I really feel that this is a way that we can use to brand downtown and create distinct neighborhood identities within downtown proper and the collar neighborhoods including the '07, Lakeside, Old Wells, West Central. It allows the artist and the people who live there to give kind of a feel of what it's like to live here," Mural program creator Adam Garland said.

Fort Wayne will soon have crosswalk murals thanks to crowdfunding.

Money for the murals came through a kick-starting campaign by Art's United Amplified Art program, with a mating donation from the Knights Cities Foundation.