Manchester University marketing major ranked No. 1 in Indiana

May 22nd, 2019

Wabash Plain Dealer

The degree program in marketing at Manchester University has been ranked No. 1 in Indiana as a “Best Value for the Money” in the annual nationwide ranking of U.S. colleges and universities by College Factual.

Manchester University has achieved this ranking two years in a row.

The program at Manchester is also ranked No. 16 out of 402 programs at colleges and universities in the United States. This places Manchester University’s marketing program in the top 5 percent of all such programs in the nation reviewed by College Factual.

“The marketing program is currently the strongest that I have seen it in my 28 years at Manchester,” said Tim Ogden, dean of the Arthur L. Gilbert College of Business. “The faculty are outstanding and bring a wide variety of professional experiences to their work. The program has greater depth and breadth than in earlier years, and students are held to high standards,” he said.

“The faculty require the students to complete a significant amount of project work for real business clients, and this translates to success following graduation.”

Based upon PayScale survey data, students graduating from Manchester with a degree in marketing realize early-career earnings of $40,985 and mid-career earnings of $86,276. This is above the national average of $39,609 for early-career earnings and above the national average of $75,219 for mid-career earnings of all college and university graduates reviewed by College Factual.

“As far as I am concerned, we have the best faculty and staff imaginable, and in the Gilbert College of Business, they have a single-minded focus: doing whatever is in the best interest of the students,” Ogden said. “Added to that is the great support the college receives from other areas on campus such as the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Student Financial Services, the Business Office, and all of the folks in Students Affairs. It is a real team effort.

“Finally, and most importantly, Manchester has incredible students. They are smart, they work hard, they accept responsibility, and they do not cut corners. Together, this is a potent combination, and it produces results.”

College Factual’s Best Marketing Schools for the Money ranking takes into account the average yearly cost of the school, the average time students take to graduate, and the quality the school provides to students. This means schools that rank highly are offering a good value for the money.