Market Street work in Warsaw could begin later this year

August 10th, 2018

By Dan Spalding | Times-Union

The second phase of the reconstruction of East Market Street in Warsaw could begin late this year.

Phend & Brown Inc. was awarded the bid for the $1.9 million project that will stretch from Bronson to Hickory streets.

City Planner Jeremy Skinner told the Board of Public Works and Safety Friday that while the contractor is not required to begin this year, he believes some work will commence in 2018.

Skinner said the city will have a better idea of the plan after a preconstruction meeting with the contractor.

He said a representative of Phend & Brown indicated they want to start work this year.

Skinner said there will most likely be a lull in activity during the winter. However, the agreement with Indiana Department of Transportation includes a clause that ensures that the street will be open to traffic during the lull.

At the minimum, that means there would be a base coat of asphalt for driving, Skinner said.

The project will result in new curbs, street, sidewalks and lighting and will be consistent with phase one of the project, which was completed about two years ago.

Mayor Joe Thallemer said the project will require some patience on the part of motorists and nearby residents who will be affected.

Thallemer said once construction plans are firmed up, the city will meet with nearby property owners to address concerns and keep them updated.

On Friday, the board approved the payment of the city’s 20 percent role in financing the project. The city’s portion of the project is $442,593, which will come from the city’s Economic Development Income Tax fund.

The remaining 80 percent will come from federal highway money channeled through the state.

Phend & Brown’s  bid for the project was slightly below the engineer’s estimate.

The project was delayed several months as the city worked to gain approval of one of a dozen temporary right-of-way agreements with property owners involving driveway entrances.

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