Mold Service celebrates 50 years

May 21st, 2018

By Jeff Jones | KPC Media - The Butler Bulletin

A Butler business that prides itself on solving problems and performing services for other companies was honored last month for more than 50 years of service during ceremonies in Indianapolis.

MSI Tool & Die, locally known as Mold Service, was one of more than 40 Indiana companies recognized for longevity by Gov. Eric Holcomb.

“We’ve evolved over time, explained Joe Prosser. “What we do now mostly is repair other people’s equipment. We make equipment that makes products.”

Nestled at the corner of U.S. 6 and C.R. 59, the business was established in January 1960 by the Barget company of Detroit. The Barget name came from founders Duane Getzfeld and Thomas Barry. When it came to Butler, much of Mold Service’s business was repairing aluminum molds for Bohn Aluminum.

In the late 1970s, the business was sold to longtime employee Delbert Martin. Over time, Mold Service made production machinery for Universal Tool & Stamping Co. and repaired injection molds for DeKalb Molded Plastics. Some of those pieces are still in use today, Prosser said.

As the aluminum foundry business receded, Mold Service survived by expanding to serve plastics, rubber, agricultural, roll-form and steel industries. For a period of about 15 years, Mold Service produced between 2,000 and 3,000 jacks per month for both civilian and military Hummer vehicles, which are heavier than standard automotive jacks, Prosser said.

“We’ve changed over the years to industry’s needs,” explained Walter Prosser, who joined Mold Service in 1974 and purchased the business from the Martin family in 2015.

With the elder Prosser, Mike Kaiser has been with Mold Service for over 40 years, and Dave Schroeder has been involved for nearly 20 years. There are six full-time and three part-time employees.

“Our success is in our employees,” Walter Prosser said.

“We want to partner with other companies and help them with their needs,” added his son, Joe, who has been with Mold Service for just over two years.

While the company continues to work with local businesses, word of mouth has enabled Mold Service to serve customers in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Nevada, Texas and Mexico.

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