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October 7th, 2014

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October 7, 2014

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Fort Wayne, Ind. -- API Alliance, Inc. - contract manufacturer of electronic controls, electro-mechanical assemblies and engineering services announces their manufacturing partnership with Targamite LLC.

Targamite LLC. is the inventor of the Targabot - the worlds first portable, battery operated, computer-controlled robotic target platform. The Targabot was designed to help law enforcement, military and other armed personnel to become more comfortable shooting at moving targets, as well as help them build "muscle memory" that can be applied when engaging unpredictable behavior.

API's turnkey partnership with Targamite consists of component sourcing, complete product assembly, quality inspections, as well as full functional testing and packaging. Targamite's founder and CEO, Gary Kaufman, stated, "When looking to outsource the manufacturing of the Targabot, we wanted to find someone local; API Alliance was the perfect choice." Kaufman continued, "API's experienced production staff and facilities are top notch and they located in our 'back yard' – it is a win-win partnership."

According to Mike Gigli, API's General Manager, "We have really enjoyed our partnership with Targamite. We have worked very hard to ensure that each Targabot produced meets Targamite's strict quality standards for performance." Gigli continued, "It is exciting to be able to manufacture such an innovative product. Initial market reaction has been very favorable and we are happy to be of service to a company that is unique in their product offering."

API Alliance began manufacturing the Targabots in June of this year; they continue to work closely with Targamite to make sure that each Targabot is ready for the end user. API also has a plan in place to match the expected growth and supply demands that this product will require.

Source: API Alliance

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