My Hometown: Pedal City

November 14th, 2016

By Sara Schaefer | WANE

Fort Wayne -

You may have seen big bikes making their way around town. It all started as just a hopeful idea and has now become so much more.

Pedal City is an indoor/outdoor full-service bar on wheels, specifically a 7-13 person pedal bike, along with 4 person and 2 person bikes. In 2013, Pedal City owners Adam Murphy and Janelle Ford bought one bike. Right away they knew they needed another one. The 13 to 14 seater quickly became popular for parties, scavenger hunts, or just a casual ride.

“It was really cool to see everything come to fruition and actually work,” Adam Murphy said.

They decided to purchase some space for storage but then they noticed people were hanging out before and after rides. Business was good. So, they opened the beer garden and a bar.

“It’s a lot of fun, a lot of activities, a lot of things to do. We try to keep the atmosphere pretty easy going,” Ford Said.

The beer garden offers live music, food and ping pong to corn hole and even Jenga. You don’t have to have a ride scheduled to come to Pedal City.

“We do off the wall things like massages, belly dancing, doggy date night because our beer garden is pet-friendly. So when people come to the table with ideas that are unconventional, we’re always up for stuff like that,” Murphy said.

Adam and Janelle have four bikes, two with an electrical assist so it’s a little easier. They also just purchased a 15 person van that will pick riders up and take them home, plus two and four person surrey bikes. It’s become an attraction to people all around the area, stemming from one idea dreamt up right here in Fort Wayne.

“I guess I didn’t know what it was going to be. It just kind of turned into something,” Murphy said,

According to Adam and Janelle, there will be more to expect from Pedal City.

“As we come up with new ideas, I’m sure we’ll expand as we think of things,” Ford said.

“It just basically keeps on moving in different directions. So for me to answer that question, I don’t know, you’ll just have to see,” Murphy added.

You can visit Pedal City seven days a week and they’re open year round. Even the bikes.