New Manchester degree program ‘nation’s first’

March 15th, 2018

By Dan McGowan | Inside INdiana Business

Manchester University says a new program it is starting this summer will be the first of its kind in the country. Graduates will receive Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacogenomics degrees. The university says the dual degree program will allow participants to share courses that apply toward both courses of study, creating cost savings.

Applications are now open for the program and current first-year pharmacy students can apply. Pharmacy Programs Dean Thomas Smith says "in addition to the expertise that this dual degree will grant, current and future Pharm.D. students will have the added benefit of being able to complete both degrees concurrently and within the same four-year time frame in which traditional Pharm.D. students complete their single degree. This marks a significant step toward furthering not only Manchester's distinction and excellence within the pharmacy education landscape but also a monumental advancement in the education of the pharmacist that will promote leaders in the future of personalized medicine."

Pharmacogenomics, the school says, is "one of the newest and most exciting fields of science." It's also known as precision medicine and involves studying the relationship between an individual's genes and their response to medication.

You can connect to more about the program by clicking here.