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Nyloncraft acquires NYX plant

June 11th, 2013

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Nyloncraft acquires NYX plant

Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 9:50 am

Nyloncraft has purchased the NYX plant in Fort Wayne, which makes highly engineered, under-the-hood vehicle parts, including pressurized fluid handling vessels.

Nyloncraft is known in the auto and heavy-trucking industries for its structural parts and vacuum-boost technologies. It will rename the local plant that changed hands for an undisclosed price NCI Fort Wayne.

“Under-the-hood components are critical areas of focus when looking toward the future of fuel-efficient vehicles,” Jim Krzyzewski, president and chief executive officer of Nyloncraft, said in a statement on the acquisition.

“Bringing an operation like the NYX Fort Wayne facility into Nyloncraft further strengthens our position as an automotive industry leader and greatly benefits our customers, who are looking to us as a complete supply chain partner with deep technical expertise and broad geographic reach.

“In addition to our automotive customers, our industrial customers with small engine applications and hermetically sealed plastic welded products will benefit as well.”

The statement said the Fort Wayne plant’s products and technologies related to suspension parts, surge tanks and brake reservoirs will add to Nyloncraft’s world-class capabilities.

Nyloncraft belongs to the Techniplas group of companies, and Techniplas President and CEO Kim Korth said the purchase would allow the plant “to grow from a regional molder into a global plastics industry player under the Techniplas umbrella.”

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