Ortho Company Inks Development Partnership

January 27th, 2016

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Posted: Jan 25, 2016 12:39 PM EST
Updated: Jan 25, 2016 1:40 PM EST

Ortho Company Inks Development Partnership

By Andy Ober, Assistant Managing Editor


Warsaw-based Nextremity Solutions Inc. has finalized a strategic partnership with a Texas firm. The medical device company says the agreement with BESPA will help get products and surgical techniques to the market more quickly.

Nextremity makes foot and ankle implant systems. It says the alliance will provide a connection with highly-trained surgeon specialists in research, product development and intellectual property. The company says the partnership will also give it access to third-party evaluation of its new and existing programs, as well as educational and training programs.

Nextremity co-founder Stuart Katchis says the agreement supports the company's goal to "develop innovative products that solved challenges surgeons had with existing technologies and techniques." He says the deal will be a win for surgeons and patients.