Parkview eclipses employment milestone

June 29th, 2016

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June 28, 2016

Parkview eclipses employment milestone

Jeff Neumeyer | WPTA 21 Alive


Hitting an important milestone as a jobs provider in Fort Wayne and beyond.

Parkview Health is now confirming it has eclipsed the 10,000 mark in workers for this region.

    The Parkview payroll stands right now at about 10,200, the biggest employer in northeast Indiana.

    What catches you by surprise, since the year 2000 the payroll has doubled in size.

    Counting physician offices, hospitals and outpatient centers, Parkview now has more than 100 locations, including running community health centers in six neighboring counties.

    Local hospitals are expanding specialized care, so that more patients can now be served at home, rather than having to venture out to big-name hospitals in other parts of the country.

    "1995 when we were one hospital at that time on State Street, and began to bring on community hospitals. Now, fast forward many years later, weve reached that 10,000 mark," said Dena Jacquay, Parkview’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

    "We've really seen consistent and steady growth over the last 20 years in health care, and it's now to the point within Allen County that it's now the number one employment sector within Allen County," said Ellen Cutter with the Community Research Institute in Fort Wayne.

    We tend to think of Indiana being a big manufacturing state.

    It is indeed, as manufacturing jobs are number one in northeast Indiana, totaling close to 90,000 jobs.

    Health care is number two, at 46,000, and again, specifically in Allen County, health care is the top source of employment.

    When you talk health care, you automatically think doctors and nurses, but there is also a great demand for lab techs, bookkeepers, accountants, IT people and other support staff.

    The Baby Boomer generation, those 52 to 70, is right in those years where ‘boomers’ are needing health care services in a big way, so health care jobs figure to expand, if anything, going forward.

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