Powerscreen of Indiana now under new ownership

May 3rd, 2017

By Mike Marturello | KPC news - The Herald Republican

Powerscreen of Indiana has new owners.

The local company that had been owned by Gordon Anderson for more than 30 years is now owned by David Sumner and Bryan Shutt, both of whom had been employed at Powerscreen.

Sumner had been brought in to the company early in 2016 to work on preparing the company for a sale. He and Shutt teamed up to put together a deal that would keep Powerscreen in the hands of people currently involved in the company.

“Bryan and I decided to get together and make an offer,” Sumner said.

Sumner’s background had been in commercial banking and Shutt had been with Powerscreen more than 9 years.

“We fit really well together, where we wanted to take the company,” Shutt said.

Powerscreen sells, rents and services heavy equipment used in a variety of industries, including construction, aggregate, coal, steel and road construction, “from a $5 part to a $500,000 machine,” Sumner said.

Currently the company has 50 machines in its rental fleet. The company also does rent-to-own with its machines, which Sumner said operate on a simple concept: The machines take big rocks and makes them smaller.

“Powerscreen Indiana is committed to Angola, Indiana, 100 percent,” Sumner said.

Shutt said the company works with its customers to solve problems.

“The way we look at the company is we’re problem solvers. We want to meet with our customers and solve their problems,” Shutt said. The company does that through customer service. “The way we look at it is, if we can fix your problem, we want you to call us with all of your problems.”

“We want to be problem solvers,” Sumner said.

“It’s a great company. We’ve got 80 percent of the market in the state. That’s unheard of. It’s due to great customer sales and service,” Shutt said.

Some examples of the work the company’s machines do includes screening coke for use in furnaces in the steel industry, screening coal, crushing and screening concrete from demolished buildings and crushing and screening stone used in road construction. In fact, the Steuben County Highway Department is currently using Powerscreen equipment to make its own gravel for roads.

And the company couldn’t do that without great employees, both of the men stressed.

“Our employees are the most important thing,” Shutt said. “Without them, we wouldn’t be anything.”

The company’s employees include Chris Jordan, Trent Ford, Dennis Cade, Trudy Lantz, Courtney Grace, Bob Tidd, Lucas Shake, Adam Buell, Bryce Thomas, Jose Pardo, Kane Williams, Pete Crawford, Rosendo Torres Vela, Wayne Heyman and Scott Tidd.

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