Questa Scholars Program invites loan applications

March 13th, 2017

KPC News - The Star

The Questa Education Foundation has announced that its Questa Scholars Program application is available through May 1 on its website,

The foundation offers low-interest, forgivable loans for students pursuing a certificate, associate or bachelor degree from an Indiana college or university.

Questa Education Foundation will forgive 50 percent of a student’s loan balance when the student lives and works in northeast Indiana for five years after graduation.

Students who choose to attend and graduate from one of Questa’s eight regional partner schools will receive an additional 25 percent forgiveness at graduation.

The Questa Scholars Program allows a student to borrow up to $5,000 per year for a total of $20,000.

Meeting the qualifying criteria to receive the maximum 75 percent forgiveness makes the remaining balance only $5,000 to repay.

“This is about talent development by investing in individuals who want to pursue further education and currently have a financial gap. It is about transforming the business landscape by helping people prepare for the economy of the 21st Century,” said Marc R. Levy, executive director of Questa Education Foundation.

Questa Education Foundation is a local nonprofit organization serving northeast Indiana. Questa said it is dedicated to increasing access to education beyond high school, reducing student debt and retention of talent.

Funding for this program comes from local and regional foundations, businesses and organizations. Questa Education Foundation uses interest from its endowment to expand its numbers and geographic reach.

For more information on Questa Education Foundation programs and completing the application, people may visit or call 407-6494.