Report shows 2.8 percent growth in tourists’ spending in DeKalb County in 2014

February 19th, 2016

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Report shows 2.8 percent  growth in tourists' spending in DeKalb County in 2014

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AUBURN — Visitors to DeKalb County spent $38.1 million in 2014, an increase of 2.8 percent over 2013, a state report says.  Those visitors spent $6.1 million on lodging, $12.3 million on food and beverages, $8.5 million on shopping, $3.5 million on entertainment and recreation, and $7.6 million on transportation, according to the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau.

A new economic impact study released by the 
Indiana Office of Tourism Developmentdocuments the significant role of tourism in Indiana’s economy. Individual counties could pay for county-specific reports to document the impact of tourism at the local level.

More facts from the 2014 tourism study for DeKalb County include:

• Of every tourism dollar spent in DeKalb County in 2014, 76 cents stayed local and led directly to the gross county product of DeKalb County.

• Visitor spending in DeKalb County supported 733 jobs and $17.6 million in labor income.

• Of the the 733 jobs supported by tourism, 615 were directly employed by tourism sectors. Tourism generated an additional 50 indirect jobs and 68 induced jobs.

• $17.6 million in total wages and proprietor income were generated for the employees.

• Visitors generated federal, state and local tax revenue totaling $7.5 million in 2014.

• Federal tax collections resulting from tourism in DeKalb County totaled $2.9 million, including corporate and personal income taxes, excise taxes and Social Security collections.

• State and local tourism-derived taxes totaled $4.5 million, including $2 million in sales taxes and $1.5 million in property taxes to support the local tax base.

• The economic impact of tourist expenditures totaled $28.9 million. The figure includes $22.1 million in direct economic impact, $2.6 million in indirect economic impact (supplier effect), and $4.1 million in induced economic impact (income effect).

“It’s important to note that this report is a very viable tool for businesses, attractions, festivals and events, plus city and county officials, to understand the dollars tourism generates and its impact on different segments of our county’s economy,” said a news release from the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau.

A more in-depth report on the economic impact study may be obtained by calling the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau at 927-1499, or by viewing and downloading it from its website at

The study was commissioned by the Indiana Office of Tourism Development and conducted by Rockport Analytics, an independent market research and consulting company that specializes in economic impact and feasibility studies for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.