Search underway to find new name for regional trail system

January 25th, 2016

News Coverage:

Search underway to find new name for regional trail system

By Holly Campbell

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) It’s a system of dozens of trails and hundreds of miles long, but it doesn’t have a name.

“We struggled to find a brand that would fit all the communities in a way that would support them and yet keep our individual identities on our individual trails when we need them,” Auburn Building and Planning Administrator Bill Spohn said.

The Northeastern Indiana Regional Coordination Council is looking for a name for the extensive trail system. Thursday night the organization held a public hearing to get ideas and input from the public.

“A single theme that has the ability to be adaptable to the different characters and cultures of each of the different communities,” Merje Designs Principal John Bosio said.

Bosio said looking at the trails in our area they need better signage pointing out trailheads. During the public hearing, Bosio showed some designs being used in other communities across the country. One of the key points he shared was signs along the trails with information of the surrounding area.

“Looking at promoting those assets is a key sort of economic development of all trails,” Bosio said. “Letting people know that they are so close by to these things, but also that you are connecting them one to the other.”

People who use the trails had a chance to provide some feedback and input into the design. They were able to mark which color schemes, font and design style they liked and didn’t like.

“I think simple and clean is really going to be the winner in what they are doing now and also family friendly,” Bosio said.

Bosio said he will take back all the feedback and hopes to have some design drafts done by late next month or early March.

Spohn said the branding will be funded partly by the Regional Cities Initiative, private investors and communities.