Study on future governance for IPFW recommends a little more study

January 25th, 2016

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1/23/2016 7:23:00 PM

Study on future governance for IPFW recommends a little more study 

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

The Indiana Legislative Services Agency report on the future governance of Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne raised a lot of possibilities, but wrote nothing about the future of the campus in stone.

The recommendations in the report released Jan. 15 are just that: recommendations.

“While there is significant potential and exciting opportunities outlined in the recommendations, many questions, issues, and technicalities will need to be addressed. Right now there are many more questions than answers,” Vicky Carwein, IPFW chancellor, said in a statement responding to the report.

Among the suggestions was the possibility that the single multisystem university be split into two distinct campus operations with Purdue as the sole governing entity on campus. IU would maintain the medical school and enhance the health science and medical education programs being offered in Fort Wayne, including plans to establish an inter-professional health sciences center.

Along with that change, IPFW might be rebranded as Purdue University Northeast or something similar.

An earlier governance study, released by the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership in August 2014, recommended that, among other things, oversight of the campus be switched to IU instead of Purdue. The two universities also share a metro campus in Indianapolis, which is run by IU and has a greater level of autonomy than IPFW had been allowed by Purdue.

The most recent study was included in the higher education funding bill passed by the General Assembly in 2015. The working group that produced the report was chaired by Mike Berghoff, who is also chairman of the Purdue Board of Trustees.

Other members included Mike Mirro, an IU trustee; Bill Cass, a former IU trustee and member of the IPFW Community Council; Carwein; Andy Downs, president of the IPFW faculty senate; Julie Griffith, Purdue representative; Mike Sample, IU representative; and John Sampson, CEO of the Regional Partnership and a member of the IPFW Community Council.

The next step for the study is – more study. Teams will be appointed to evaluate the recommendations and plan how to move forward.

There will be no short-term impact on students, faculty or staff members, a statement from IPFW said. Students currently enrolled will be able to complete their degree requirements and receive their degrees from the university now in charge of their programs. The employment status of faculty and staff members is unchanged for the time being.