Syracuse Town Council establishes new riverfront district

November 17th, 2016

By Denise Fedorow | Goshen News

Syracuse -

One riverfront district in town has worked pretty well, so at the request of a business owner the town council on Tuesday passed a resolution to establish an additional riverfront district.

The new riverfront district will encompass both sides of Ind. 13 from Monteith Tire to the end of town, according to Town Manager Henry DeJulia. He said this area is most commonly known as the “Village of Syracuse”.

DeJulia explained that a business owner asked to have the riverfront district established as a means of obtaining a liquor license from the state.

After the resolution was passed, councilman Tom Hoover wanted to know how establishing the riverfront district helped the town.

DeJulia said if the business obtained a liquor license it could bring in more visitors to town plus the potential for more development of restaurants and bars in that area. Hoover also asked if the town council was the deciding voice in the matter or if it needed state approval.

Town attorney Vern Landis said the state has been approving the districts established so far. Turkey Creek is the body of water through town that is making this designation possible. Riverfront districts also have to be within an established economic development area.

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