Tech Park to be annexed into Syracuse

March 17th, 2016

News Coverage:

March 17, 2016

Tech Park to be annexed into Syracuse

Denise Fedorow

Dennis Otten of Bose, McKinney & Evans, the law firm for the Bose Public Affairs Group attended the Syracuse Town Council meeting Tuesday evening and received a couple of letters of agreement to move forward on the town’s behalf on a couple of projects.

The first was for work to be done to annex the new industrial technology park into the town limits. Otten told council members, “We helped monitor some legislation for you. The paperwork is sitting on the governor’s desk, ready for him to sign as soon as he gets back from vacation.”

Town Council president Larry Siegel told the other council members that Senate Bill 310, which contained legislation affecting Syracuse, passed.

After the meeting, Siegel explained that the town owns 100 percent of the industrial park but it’s not in the town limits so that bill allows the town to annex the technology industry park so they can use town funds to maintain and improve it. However he said this annexation does not apply to nearby properties.

“It’s about capital improvements and jobs,” Siegel said. “It’s about providing future growth for the town.”