Tecumseh bridge work complete

March 31st, 2016

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March 31, 2016

Tecumseh bridge work complete

Dave Gong | The Journal Gazette

The 103-year-old Tecumseh Street Bridge northeast of downtown Fort Wayne has re-opened following rehabilitation work that was done to strengthen safeguards against crashes.

The improvements, which started over the winter, included railing repairs and installation of vehicular barriers at the sidewalk curb line, said Dan Allen, a project manager for the Allen County Highway Department. The improvements are meant to stop cars from crashing into the railing and ending up in the Maumee River.

A new railing was struck three times in 2013 when cars jumped the 8-inch curb. Three people died when vehicles in two incidents crashed into the river.

Built in 1913, the bridge linking the East Central and Lakeside neighborhoods had previously undergone a $3 million renovation.

The new barriers are similar to those installed on Ewing Street where it crosses the St. Marys River, Allen said.

“It’s a concrete wall about knee-high, and on top of that we have some steel tube railing,” Allen said, noting that the wall should stop cars from ending up in the river in the future.

Although the project was slated for completion in July, a mild winter allowed for faster completion, Allen said of Tuesday’s reopening. The total project cost was $176,520.