Trelleborg Sealing Solutions expanding wear-ring range

February 12th, 2018

By Doug LeDuc | Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Fort Wayne-based Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is expanding its HiMod Slydring HC wear ring range by introducing 180 additional part numbers, which it plans to make available early this year.

The additional wear rings with outer diameters of one to 12 inches will serve fluid-power applications including those for off-highway, agricultural-equipment, material-handling, mobile-hydraulics and industrial-machine uses.

“Trelleborg’s expertise with injection molding means that HiMod Slydring HC wear rings have been engineered to meet the demanding requirements of hydraulic applications,” Tom Zozokos, Trelleborg engineering and product manager, said in a statement.

The HiMod brand name refers to a range of high-modulus plastic materials the business developed for applications requiring high wear and chemical-resistance performance.

The HiMod Slydring HC configuration absorbs transverse forces and prevents metal-to-metal component contact.

“HC wear rings deliver reliable performance and offer our customers a chance to experience Trelleborg quality at a great price point,” Beth Figliulo, Trelleborg Fluid Power Segment manager, said in the statement.

A simple, closed-grooved design makes the wear rings easy to install, and the company said they are ideally suited for use in a variety of conditions, with high-compressive strength and wear resistance even at elevated temperatures. It said they also provide low friction performance in lubricated settings.

The wear rings damp mechanical vibrations and protect against dieseling and hydrodynamic pressure problems, it said, as they eliminate local stress concentrations, fretting, and seizure.

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