Wabash Marketplace distributes $200,000 to Eagles Theatre in Wabash

February 6th, 2019

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Wabash – Wabash Marketplace has given $200,000 to the Honeywell Foundation as it completes work on the façade of the historic Eagles Theatre, the economic development group announced Feb. 1.

In September 2017, the 111-year-old theater suspended operations to begin a 2-year renovation project to restore the building and create programs. Plans call for brick restoration and new windows on the exterior and renovations to all four floors that include an expanded lobby, added restrooms and elevators and film and audio recording studios.

So far, $15.6 million of the $18 million goal has been raised.

The theater is one of 22 downtown buildings that have received matching grant funds since 2015 for exterior restorations through Phase 2 of the Façade Improvement Program managed by Wabash Marketplace.

“This program spurred a renaissance of renovation in downtown Wabash, fulfilling our objectives of improving the aesthetic qualities of building façades and public streets, assisting property and business owners in rehabilitating the façades of their properties for the purpose of creating a positive visual impact, ensuring public safety, stimulating private investment, and complementing other community revitalization efforts,“ said Andrea Zwiebel, project coordinator for Marketplace.

The program was funded by $1.3 million provided by the city of Wabash and the city redevelopment commission as a local match for the 2014 Wabash Stellar investment plan. “The funding provided by our local partners is critical to the success of this façade program. We deeply appreciate their support and are honored that they allowed us to manage the program,” said Steve Downs, executive director for Wabash Marketplace, in the statement.

Wabash Marketplace expects to administer Phase 3 soon. Those interested in renovating the exterior of a downtown building should visit the Wabash Marketplace website at www.wabashmarketplace.org or call the office at (260)-563-0975.

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