Your Story Made Here: Busche in Albion

September 9th, 2014

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Your Story Made Here: Busche in Albion

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September 9, 2014 Updated Sep 9, 2014 at 8:16 PM EDT

ALBION, In. (21Alive) - Manufacturing is alive and well in Northeast Indiana. In fact, companies are struggling to find employees to fill the many positions they have available. That’s why programs that start training students when they are in high school are so important to the future health of our industries. We paid a visit to Busche Enterprises in Albion to see how they help young people start their own story.

Ryan Cureton was a senior at Central Noble High School when he enrolled in a program that matched him up with Busche and got him thinking about a career in CNC machining.

Ryan says: “I actually just wanted to be here for the summer and then like, go to college like everybody else and then they gave me this great opportunity that I didn’t really want to refuse and it’s working out very well for me.”

Chris Daughtry is the Superintendant of Central Noble Schools:” We know that our sweet spot in northern Indiana is manufacturing and that we’ve got to do a better job of preparing kids for when they get out into the actual workforce, so, you know, they can go out and get a job and be competitive in the workforce and we are very fortunate to have Busche right in our back yard so it was almost a perfect marriage for that program.”

Busche is the ninth largest contract machiner in North America and did 120 million dollars in sales last year. It’s complex in Albion includes 700 thousand square feet with 650 employees. They machine parts for refrigeration units…Harley Davidson motorcycles, Corvettes, trucks and boats, among many other things.

Employees here need math skills, and blueprint reading skills…and Busche is constantly adding to it’s workforce.

James Stewart, Plant Manager says: “ Almost every other week. Our competitors are failing and bringing their jobs to Busche.”

And with their extensive in-house training programs and their partnership with Central Noble High School, they are cultivating employees to fill those jobs.
Stewart says: Kids, in 2 to 3 years get 10 years of knowledge.”

The average pay is 16 dollars an hour.

High school students in the program are able to earn 6 dual credits in the first year with IVY Tech. They are also exposed to curricula that lets them take an MSSC test to become a certified logistics associate at the end of the year. The program turns out 15 to 20 students a year.

Brady Truex is the engineering and technical education instructor at Central Noble:

“And kids who have that certificate, our economic development director Rick Shirk has gone around to different businesses and said “If kids are coming with their MSSC
certification and credits from this class can they get their foot in the door and they’ve all said not only “Yes” but “HECK Yes!”

“We understand that some kids will go onto college, but this is an avenue for some kids that just weren’t sure what they wanted to do, or that did find some skills they have that they want to sharpen and it’s been said out here at Busche that if you stay here, you’ll learn skills that you’ll never look for work again.”

Tim Collier says” 18 years old, I feel like I’ve found a career already and that something that a lot of my friends have never gotten the advantage to do so I’m thankful for that.”

Central Noble was one of 8 schools piloting this tremendous program and now there are 80 schools across the state churning out the kinds of employees that Busche is looking for. Another reason, Indiana is one of the leaders in the manufacturing industry. 

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