Your Story Made Here: ChromaSource

April 28th, 2015

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Your Story Made Here: ChromaSource

By Melissa Long- 21Alive
By Ian Hoover- 21Alive

April 29, 2015 Updated Apr 29, 2015 at 9:19 AM EDT

You may not realize it, but there are fifty shades of gray, fifty shades of white. And when someone wants to paint a room or building -- they want to see all of them.

Jason Brooks, CEO of ChromaSource says: " Most people never realize that a little tiny paint swatch requires a 200 thousand square foot building to produce it. They think it's printed. They think we're a printer. But we're not a printer."

When you want to choose a paint color, you go to a home improvement or hardware store and pick up some samples.

Jason Brooks says: " So all of the displays across all of North America, Canada, South America even some of the European markets…most of those color samples in those areas we've produced here in Whitley County."

In fact, ChromaSource produces about 2 million fan decks and 20 million color cards a year at it's facility just off US 30. The 19 year old company employs 168 people and those folks use a mix of technology and skill to make sure the color you see is true….time after time.

Jason Brooks says: " It's not print, it's actually paint that has been applied to paper so every one of their colors is a unique individual batch that we produce so the very first fandeck and the millionth fandeck, they will all have the exact same color representation."

It's a fascinating process.

Jason Brooks says, "It's a very complicated business in that you're matching paint and you're applying it to paper and the logistical aspects of cutting each individual chip and applying it to the right place and the right name and the print."

The various skills required of the employees include job shop experience, batch processing and logistics, warehousing and distribution.

Jason Brooks says, " We've found a lot of qualified people in Whitely County. It's their morale, their spirit, If we find someone that I think will fit in well with the group, we hire them…and we teach them the business."

ChromaSource clients include all of the major paint companies.

Jason Brooks says, " We have formed a good relationship with them. The y know we put our heart and soul into making sure we make the very best color card for them.

The company also recycles both its paint and its leftover paper. So next time you are out looking for the perfect shade of Colonial Blue or Guildford Green….have confidence in that paint chip! Chances are, it was made by the good folks at ChromaSource!

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