Your Story Made Here: Cinda B.

September 25th, 2014

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Your Story Made Here: Cinda B.

By Melissa Long- 21Alive

September 25, 2014 Updated Sep 25, 2014 at 9:32 PM EDT

The story is the definition of the American dream.....a smart, savvy go-getter starts a business in her home and a decade later, its an American success story. That's the story of Cinda B.

You've probably seen their products....beautiful, well-made bags and accessories....made here in Fort Wayne!

Cinda Boomershine was armed with an MBA and a background in design when ten years ago...she discovered a need.

Cinda Boomershine says "I needed a bag and I couldn't find what I wanted in the marketplace. I decided I want this bag, probably other people want this bag so, the business was born!"

The guest room in her Atlanta home was her first company headquarters with a little shelving unit for her inventory.
Cinda Boomershine says:" When I started Cinda B. I obviously wanted to create a great line of bags, but I also wanted to create an American made product.

So Cinda made a decision that she would keep production of her bags in the USA. First in California...and when that didn't work out....she found a partner in the heart of the manufacturing industry....Northeast Indiana. A ready-made sewing center in Fort Wayne....recently vacated when jobs moved overseas...
Cinda says: " So I partnered with him and we're a team now and we manufacture everything here and it's been absolutely amazing. There are amazing skilled sewers in this area and that was really the reason why I came here."

Cinda B. employs about 20 administrative and marketing staff and about 100 contract sewers.

Its products are in about a thousand independent gift stores across the US and canada. Two of them are here in Fort Wayne, one at Perfect Pear on Coldwater Rd and the other at Opal and Ruby on Illinois Road.

Jon Adams says: "And they are really local to a lot of Fort Wayne dealers and made in the USA and local manufacturers here.
The best sellers are the weekender bag and rolling duffle."

Cinda says: "And the fact that we can make a rolling bag here in the states...I think we are the only people that do it, cause all that production has gone overseas...but we do it here so YAY!"

For Cinda Boomershine and her American Dream....the sky's the limit. She is determined to continue her story with more bags and new product lines. Her passion, drive and ingenuity have found a home in Northeast Indiana and she is confident that her high quality product will get carried away!!!!!

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